Reverend Raymond Kelly was born October 7, 1969 in Charleston, South Carolina; at the age of two he and his family, the late Reverend Nathaniel Kelly and Minister Ines Kelly relocated to New York. Because of his parentís firm belief in God, Pastor Raymond was brought up in the church. He served on the Junior Lyman Board and was a member of the Choir at Salem Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. T.J. Boyd. After the passing of the late Dr. James Wiley in 1983, Pastor Raymondís father Reverend Nathaniel Kelly was elected Pastor. Pastor Raymond them became a part of The Resurrection Temple of Our Lord family and joined the Youth choir and served as a Junior Trustee.

Pastor Raymond has been married 20 years to a beautiful and anointed woman of God, Minister Denise Kelly and together they have six beautiful children: Tanisha, Raymond Jr., Jeremiah, Courtney, Shekinah and Elijah.

In 1995 Pastor Raymond joined Oil of Joy Ministries II Inc, under the leadership of Apostle Patricia Wiley. Not knowing what God was doing or where God wanted to take him, he began serving as Apostle Wileyís adjutant. This is where his training began and God cultivated him bringing structure into his life through the woman of God.